McDonald’s Asian Salad

June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Back in April and May I worked on a job for McDonald’s with IW Group, Inc. in LA.  McDonald’s wanted to promote their Asian salad in select restaurants across the nation and the idea was to feature the salad in a poster with a Chinese fan in the background showing an attractive design made up of the various ingredients of the salad.  I was chosen to work with them to create the illustration for the fan.

From the outset it appeared that there might be some changes along the way so it was decided that rather than make one illustration, I would do the elements individually to allow for more flexibility with the composition and to save time and frustration by not having to do the whole thing over if we needed to rework anything.  The deadline was tight and we worked long hours, but I have to say I actually enjoyed the drama and all those involved were great to work with.  It was a collaborative effort.

I was given the go-ahead this week to post the art and below you see the sketches and final results.   Many thanks to Wonee Paek, Paula Eisel, Melissa Ross, David Toyoshima and the many more who worked on this project.


Proposed layout for poster from IW Group

Proposed design for the fan from IW Group

Three of  many sketches done to refine the layout.

(click on image for an enlarged view)

The  individual elements that would make up the composition.

(click on each image for an enlarged view)

A die was made for the fan.

(click on the image for an enlarged view)

The final result ready for the shoot.

(click on image for an enlarged view)

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