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Petunias & Artichokes

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since I posted.  I’ve been occupied with several different projects, but this is one I had to finally sit down and write about.

A couple of months ago I needed to come up with a new  sample for the WORKBOOK‘s upcoming Spring edition.  I like painting people and I like painting food and botanicals so I try to feature one or the other every other time.  A neighbor had just given me a couple of fresh artichokes from her garden and they were so pretty I had to paint them.

I took several photographs of various compositions.

I picked this one…

…And the final art…

About this same time I decided, at the last minute to enter it, along with another entry, in Creative Quarterly‘s CQ25 Show.  I have entered many times before when I thought I had something I felt was worthy.  I have not been accepted before.  The competition is pretty stiff with entries from artists  around the world. This time instead of just entering the Illustration category I decided to enter Petunia’s & Artichokes in the Fine Art category.  What a pleasant surprise it was for me to receive an email from Charles Hively a couple of months later informing me of my acceptance in the Winter edition of the magazine!  Thank you, Charles Hively and CQ judges!

…And just yesterday Maria Ragusa at The Alternative Pick  (altpick.com) wrote a very nice article about my work on the Altpick Connects Blog and featured the Petunias  & Artichokes art.  Please click on this link and see what she wrote!


Thank you, Maria!  Lots of nice things happening right now to keep me inspired.

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