Favorite Things

…Things that inspire me…

My Mother did this little painting of her childhood home while still in grade school.

 My Grandmother always had it hanging in the doorway of the entrance to her bedroom and I’ve always loved it’s simple charm.

When my Grandmother died I brought it home with me.  It reminds me of  our legacy (the house was built by my ancestors) and of all the happy times we spent there.

My sister lives there now…. carrying the torch…

A painting by my great grandma Campbell. Every house I’ve lived in, I always find a place for it…

The original "Madmen"

My husband’s mom and dad taken in the late ’50s or early ’60s.  I love the clothes and jewelry of that time.

Note the pattern on the curtains behind them.  It could have been taken today!

The inscription on the back says "Spiff 10/88".

A plaque that I purchased at a craft show back in the ’80s.  I’ve always liked it because it’s so whimsical and irregular and I like how the little blue table seems to be dancing on the floor.  I like the colors too.  I have hung it in different places over the years.  Once, after a move, I couldn’t find it and thought I’d  lost it.  Then one day I was cleaning a closet and there it was tucked in a little box  : ).  It’s hanging in my studio right now.

 I bought these at a sale at Nordstrom’s a long time ago and I got a great deal on them because they were designer and someone had put the wrong sticker on them.  I loved them because, first of  all, they were red and second, because I loved the detail of the white stitching.    Now, every time I go to throw them out, I can’t.  Even though they’re old I still love the way they look.


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